LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new app aims to connect families to loved ones who are isolated in a senior home or hospital. 

In 2018, Famileo won Louisville Healthcare CEO Council's CareTech Pitch Competition, which invites innovators from around the world to compete for access to LHCC member companies and paid testing pilots. 

Famileo, which was first launched in France, helps senior connect with their loved one through a customized "family newspaper."

One of the founders created the tool to keep in touch with his grandmother Elisabeth. 

Famileo finished its first pilot with patients in Signature and Triology Health Services facilities in Louisville. 

"It's been tremendously positive, especially families connecting with loved ones during this time period where you couldn't have visitation," said Randy Bufford, founder and chairman of Trilogy. "And this gives everybody a chance to kind of weigh in and be involved.

"Now, we're excited because of vaccinations and those things are back open for visitations, but this came actually at the exact right time, and what a development for our residents and their families to connect."

The app is preparing for a second phase to launch in January. 

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