Bullitt County Sheriff Walt Sholar

Bullitt County Sheriff Walt Sholar, along with his logo, a kneeling knight.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After only a few days into the job, the new Bullitt County sheriff is already making some big changes.

Walt Sholar says one of the first things he has done since he got into office this month is take a look at the office's tow lot. He says he's not sure he wants one, adding that he needs to get to a point where he feels "comfortable" operating one.

"I'm not there today," he said. "And until I do get there, we will not be taking any more automobiles in."

People with cars here have been notified to pick them up.

He says the lot has been a source of revenue for the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office for years under previous administrations, and at $25 a day, was cheaper than some private tow lots.

"I have not satisfied myself that it's appropriate to operate a tow lot," he said.

Sholar was a long-time prosecutor.

He is already making his mark on the office. Visitors will see his new logo -- a kneeling knight -- on mugs, and on the exit door.

"We kneel because we are in service to our community and we absolutely need to be servants to the people of our community," Sholar said.

While he hasn't named a Chief Deputy yet, his new Chief of Staff, Lt. Col. Marcus Laytham, is a retired Louisville Metro Police Department officer with decades of experience.

"I have total confidence in the command staff that's in place, and integrity is going to be the highest priority here now," Laytham said.

Laytham says he hopes Bullitt County residents see something different about this adminsitration.

"Hopefully already they've noticed the change in uniform, and the professionalism," he said.

About 70 employees work for the Sheriff's Office. Sholar says he would like to hire more, but current funding won't allow it.

"As of January 7, the goal of the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office and my administration is to strive every day to become an accredited law enforcement agency," Sholar said.

Sholar was elected after former Sheriff Dave Greenwell resigned, and Donnie Tinnell was appointed sheriff in his place.

Greenwell was facing federal drug charges, but was ultimately acquitted when the case went to trial. 

Sholar won't talk about past Sheriffs, but he will share his plans for the future -- specifically how he plans to attack drug issues.

"We have an outstanding Narcotics Unit," he said, adding that, "I've already been in discussion with folks in U.S. Attorney's office, as I already said earlier, DEA's office and so forth, to see about partnering up with them in an even stronger capacity."

Sholar also wants to place a higher emphasis on training to make sure deputies will stay safe.

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