Attorney for a man charged in River Park double homicide to step down from case

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Footprints, tire tracks and a car that reeked of bleach are just some of the clues in a high-profile murder case were released Friday during a hearing in Jefferson County District Court.

Typically, details of a murder case do not come out until it goes to trial. But some evidence had to come out early as a judge weighed whether to revoke Brice Rhodes' probation.

Rhodes and two juveniles are charged in the murders of 14-year-old Larry Ordway and his brother, 16-year-old Maurice Gordon.

Lead detective Aaron Tinelli testified Friday about the investigation. Police say the brothers were murdered in May where Rhodes lived in the Clifton neighborhood. Their bodies were dumped in the Shawnee neighborhood.

Tinelli says police collected evidence at the Shawnee crime scene, including clothing, footprints and tire tracks they made moldings of and are having tested.

The detective described what they found in a car that Rhodes by himself used to transport the bodies of the teens from the murder scene to the dump site in Shawnee.

"Blood spatter, the car reeked of bleach, and the rear seat was removed," Tinelli said.

He says one of the underage suspects told police that Rhodes was "directly involved in every aspect of the murder." They were stabbed to death, their bodies badly burned. We are also learning how police determined two juveniles as suspects.

Police say the victims mother was trying to call her sons, and one of the juvenile suspects answered their cell phone.

"(The juvenile suspect) stated that he would have them call the mother back," Tinell said. "Have who call the mother back?" asked an attorney. "The two victims," Tinelli responded.

Rhodes is also charged in the shooting death of Christopher Jones in early May. According to the detectives, one of the underage suspects also told police that is why Rhodes wanted to kill the brothers.

"(The juvenile) established that Mr. Rhodes had said previous to the date of the murder that they needed to kill the two individuals for fear they would snitch," Tinelli said.

The judge revoked Brice Rhodes' probation, which was 270 days in jail. His bond is staying at $2 million. His case goes to the grand jury in July.

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