New Ky. laws go into effect July 14 on child marriage, revenge porn

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Several new laws take effect in Kentucky next weekend.

The Child Bride Bill bans child marriage, meaning a district judge will have to approve the marriage of anyone under the age of 17

House Bill 1 takes steps toward reforming the state's foster care and adoption system. The new law will limit a child's time in foster care and attempt to return a child to his or her family whenever possible.

The punishment will be harsher for people who post revenge porn, when someone posts sexually explicit images online without consent.

A first offense will be a misdemeanor. Subsequent offenses will be felonies. Penalties will be stiffer if the images were posted for profit.

Abstinence will now be required teaching in high school sex education classes. The bill says not having sex until marriage should always be part of the conversation during sex education classes.

Kentucky high schoolers must also pass a financial literacy course before graduation. Students will learn how to budget, save and invest.

Some police body camera footage will no longer be released to the public. Exemptions include if the video shows the interior of private homes, medical facilities, women's shelters or jails. It also exempts video that shows a dead body, evidence of sexual assault, nude bodies or children.

Drivers must stay at least three feet away from bicyclists,when attempting to pass. If that much space isn't available, drivers must use reasonable caution when passing.

House Bill 136 increases what breweries can sell on-site to three cases and two kegs per customer. The new law also lets breweries sell one case per customer at fairs and festivals in wet jurisdictions.

All of these laws are set to take effect July 14.

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