New policy allows Meyzeek Middle School students to use bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new year brings new rules for the restroom at Meyzeek Middle School.

"If you were born a female and want to be a male, you should be able to go the boys restroom," said Aries Harris, a student at Meyzeek. "Everyone should be treated the same way."

Harris' opinion is now the policy.

This week, Meyzeek's Site Based Decision Making Council passed a restroom revision. It read, "The use of a restroom should be determined by a student's choice in accordance with their gender identity. No student shall be compelled to use an alternative restroom."

"I understand that some parents don't understand what transgender is," said Shannon Fauver, who sits on the council.

Fauver fought for the change that passed unanimously. She's one of the same Kentucky's lawyers whose case eventually legalized gay marriage at the Supreme Court. 

"I'm not LGBT, but my kids are," she said. "So for me, it's important for them to be represented at any school that they're at."

The policy does not apply to locker room areas at the school. It's similar to the ones implemented by Atherton High School and The Brown school.

JCPS doesn't have district-wide transgender restroom rules, leaving principals to take on the issue as it arises. 

"I will tell you that over the past few years, I have interacted with three students and their families, and we do have an incoming family that I could add to that list," said Chris Burba, Principal at Meyzeek.

One transgender student at Meyzeek changed his name, appearance and started medication to block puberty. 

"I don't want to be picked on for being trans," the 11-year-old student told WDRB News last year.

Though this policy may do just that, as Harris reminds us at age 13, her classmates are not always kind.

" say, 'Eww you were born a boy' and all that stuff and talk bad about them," she said. "I'm not like that."

School starts at Meyzeek and throughout JCPS on Aug. 16. 

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