Nimbus Couzin

Dr. Nimbus Couzin, an independent candidate, has a very diverse background.

Louisvillians who frequent the Highlands will likely recognize him as the owner of the Ray's Monkey House coffee shop, an eclectic destination point in the Bardstown Road area. University of Louisville students will recognize him as a professor of physics, who teaches at both the medical school and the Belknap Campus. He also teaches at the Sullivan College of Technology and Design.

According to the official bio released by his campaign, Couzin founded an Arizona brewery in the 1990s and received his B.S. degree from Reed College in Portland, Ore., before going on to earn his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Purdue University.

It also states that Couzin favors "progressive movements, whether they are environmental or social," and is an advocate of "peace and justice, applied on both local and global levels."

"I'm running for mayor of Louisville because I think there are a lot of things going really wrong with this city and I think we need to make some serious changes," Couzin said in a radio interview in September. "I just see things every day that are pretty screwed up and I think that my experience and my background can actually make a big difference here."

Some of the issues Couzin has mentioned publicly include eliminating no-bid contracts, saving tax breaks for local businesses only and getting rid of some of the "red tape" that hinders the success of small businesses.