Norton Elementary student donates growing book collection

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Abby Ross of Norton Elementary School is using her love of reading to help thousands of other kids she doesn't know.

Ross reads every day, with her list in the hundreds. "All of the Magic Tree House books one through 28," Ross said.

The six-year-old picked up a book at a very young age.

"She'll read through a chapter book easily every morning before we even get up out of bed," Abby's father, Jason Ross, said.

She's turned more pages than many adults.

"She's easily read so many more books than I have," Ross said. "That's pretty sad for me, but also pretty extraordinary for her." 

The Ross family is putting her growing collection to good use. "My mom said that the kids at her school didn't have very many books so I said, 'can I give them some of my books?' and she was like, 'sure,'" Abby Ross said.

Abby's Book Drive began a few years ago after Abby couldn't find a book in her overflowing home collection.

"It started with, hey, there's a neighbor down the street. So, Abby would get her wagon and we'd walk down to the neighbor's house and we'd put books into the wagon and bring them back home," Abby's mother, Lauren Ross, said.

"The first time we did it, it was about 2,200," Abby Ross said. 

That number has grown to more than 10,000.

The books go to students who can't afford them at Semple Elementary School, where Abby's mother teaches. She is especially proud that the books are coming to her students, saying it adds that "extra wonderful piece to it."

Donations now take up the house, and Abby's parents never imagined that it could get so big.

"I'm maybe thinking about giving some books to some other schools or other kids," Abby Ross said.

It's a gesture that goes beyond words.

"The imagination and just new opportunities you can learn about all from a book, to be able to give that opportunity to more kids, it's just exciting," Lauren Ross said.

"They thought it was just amazing that the kids would be able to read," Abby Ross said.

Coming from a tiny little girl, with a big heart.

"I can't be any more proud of her," Lauren Ross said.

To donate books, email Lauren Ross or drop off donations at Norton Elementary School, located at 8101 Brownsboro Road in Louisville.

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