Flu shot

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A manufacturing delay should not delay the delivery of flu shots to Norton Healthcare, which will be ordering more than 100,000 vaccinations soon.

Tammy Mullins, a nurse practitioner with Norton Healthcare, said her team typically starts preparing patients for flu shots in October, because the flu season can last well into April. So getting a shot too early might not be as effective.

“The CDC recommends the vaccine is going to be most effective for about six months," Mullins said. "So I don’t recommend getting the flu vaccine before October."

Manufacturers of the vaccine notified providers this summer that there could be a delay in creating the shots this year, because it took longer to pick which strains to use in this year’s concoction.

“The reason why the vaccine is a little delayed is because the World Health Organization and CDC were working a little a little extra time to prepare,” Mullins said.

Still, Mullins said the delay should not impact Norton at all and patients might not even notice. Norton Healthcare orders its flu shots closer to the end of September or beginning of October. Mullins said Norton Healthcare will order at least 130,000 vaccines this year to be delivered in shifts throughout the flu season.

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