Occupy ICE protesters forced to evacuate new camp near Mazzoli Federal Building

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- For the second time in a week, Occupy ICE protesters were forced to clear out of their camp in downtown Louisville.

Tents, signs and a group of people were set up in Martin Luther King Park near the Mazzoli Federal Building at the corner of South Sixth and West Chestnut Streets. They again called it "Camp Compassion," but LMPD didn't give them much time to protest.

Officers told protesters around 4 p.m. that they were in violation of the metro camping ordinance. Within that hour, LMPD said everyone evacuated.

Mayor Greg Fischer tweeted Thursday evening that he supports "Americans' right to exercise the First Amendment, which includes the right to peacefully assemble."

Much the same happened on July 19, when the group took down its original camp outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office after LMPD enforced several compliance orders. 

"So many times, the immigrant community is living in shadows, and this is happening right in our downtown, right within the heart of our city," said Sassa Rivera, one of the protesters.

"So people need to constantly be reminded that this is actually what's happening. We're here to make sure that people know exactly what's happening, and also that there is a way to stop that by engaging their elected officials, by joining the camp and by of course spreading the word that this is actually happening in our city."

Protesters at the new camp said Thursday afternoon that they were going to stay and fight to get rid of the ICE office.

The camp was set up on the same day that other members of the group were arrested after blocking access to the Louisville's Immigration Court in the Heyburn Building in downtown Louisville. 

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