Officials tracking bear in Corydon, Indiana

CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) --  Law enforcement and conservation officials in southern Indiana are tracking a black bear that has been spotted roaming the streets in southern Indiana.

On Monday the Indiana Department of Natural Resources confirmed the presence of a black bear in and around Corydon in southern Indiana.

City officials have been sharing a photo of the bear on social media. Conservation officers say this is only the second confirmed bear sighting in Indiana in 140 years.

The bear has been seen in Harrison County near Highway 62 on Gethsemane Road. On Monday, it apparently moved towards Harrison County Hospital.

Indiana Conservation Officer Jim Shreck said Monday afternoon that officers were using helicopters and a drone to watch the bear near Corydon, about 20 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky. He says they've established a perimeter around the animal.

Shreck says the officers hope to capture it without harming it, but doesn't know what they would do with it. It's not known where the bear came from.

Black bears are shy by nature and tend to avoid human contact. Attacks are rare. Black bears are non-aggressive in most instances and prefer fleeing from humans when given the chance. DNR wildlife biologists offer the following bear awareness tips:

– Don’t intentionally feed bears. If a bear becomes accustomed to finding food near your home, it may become a “problem” bear.

– Eliminate food attractants by placing garbage cans inside a garage or shed.

– Clean and store grills away after use.

– Don’t leave pet food outside overnight.

– Remove bird feeders and bird food from late March through November.

– Don’t add meat or sweets to a compost pile.

– If encountering a bear, don’t run. Shout, wave your arms and back away slowly.

– Collect and remove low-hanging or fallen fruit from fruit trees.

– Eliminate meat, cooking oil, fish or fruit odors from near your home. This includes fish-meal fertilizers.

– Collect and remove any ripened vegetables from your garden.

Indiana DNR encourages citizens to report bear sightings to or by calling (812) 334-1137 during regular business hours. Photos or videos can be sent to the same email address. The maximum file size is 15 MB.

Officials say do not approach the bear if you see it; instead, call 911. 

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