Bo Cosens and Rachel Sharrock

Bo Cosens and Rachel Sharrock (Uhrichsville Police Department)

(FOX NEWS) -- An Ohio couple was arrested on felony charges Thursday after police say they gave laxative-laced cookies to striking school employees, according to a report by Fox News.

WQAD 8 reported that 29-year-old Bo Cosens and 25-year-old Rachel Sharrock posted threatening Facebook videos saying they were irritated by the noise caused by cars honking in support of the strikers.

The couple, who live in Uhrichsville about 94 miles south of Cleveland, was originally arrested over a tip about one of Cosen's Facebook videos that suggested he intended to shoot the strikers, News 5 Cleveland reported. Police say they watched the video that also showed the couple laughing as they crushed laxatives into cookie batter.

Members of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees, who police identified as those on strike, reportedly thought the couple baked the cookies in support of their efforts.

"We are a very close community, and it's sad to me that somebody would be that angry about something like this, that they try to hurt somebody," striking school secretary Shannon Talbert told a reporter.

She said the scariest part of the incident is that one of the students could have eaten a cookie.

No one ate any of the cookies, News 5 reported.

Police reportedly plan to test the cookies for laxatives. Cosens and Sharrock are being held on $1 million bond and are charged with contaminating a substance for human consumption, permitting drug abuse and disorderly conduct.

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