Ohio Valley Wrestling

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Students could soon earn a degree in beat downs and body slams.

The world's first professional wrestling trade school could open soon Louisville.

“The commonwealth of Kentucky is really excited about being on the cutting edge and forward thinking,” Gladiator Sports Network partner Chad Miller said.

Ohio Valley Wrestling is applying to become the first wrestling school to earn state accreditation. In addition to learning sport, students will study English, finance, business, marketing and TV production.

“They'll be able to get behind the camera, they'll be able to write, be a creative writer, and they will be able to be a producer, a director and event manager,” Miller said.

Accreditation makes it possible for students to apply for financial aid and scholarships, which breaks down a barrier that keeps some wrestlers on the sidelines.

“Help them get their foot in the door and give them the opportunity to train with us here,” said Nick Beckham, injury analyst and television producer for Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The two-year program requires 60 credit hours to earn a degree in professional wrestling and sports entertainment.

Once OVW receives final approval from the state, students will be able to apply in May for the fall semester.

“Where we are heading in the next year is really going to leapfrog a lot of other promotions, and it's really going to — I wouldn't say legitimize wrestling because wrestling really is a legitimate sports and entertainment industry — however, it is going to bring it to the forefront, because we are giving it some structure behind it that really hasn't been there before."

The program will attract students from all over the world and give industry education worthy of a knockout.

“I think things would have been a lot different had something like this been around when I was a student,” Beckham said.

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