Okolona residents fed up with break-ins and thefts

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Okolona residents are fed up and fired up, saying they're victims of car break-ins and burglaries, and the problem is only getting worse.

"I was angry,” Kim Quire said.

She’s lived off Blue Lick Road in Okolona for 17 years. Back in September, someone broke into her home.

"It was a ransack," she said.

Quire says while her family was at the lake, thieves flipped over furniture and stole TVs and laptops, game systems and jewelry boxes.

Family friend Tom Newland noticed the break-in and called police.

"It was a little scary, knowing that someone just had the gall to just walk in someone's home and have no regard whatsoever for their personal belongings and tear things up and just take things,"  Newland said.

"Just stop,” Quire said. “I mean it's not fair you know. It's not right ... you don't know what the children go through and how we feel, you know? We've been violated, and I just want it to stop."

Quire's neighbor says he was also a victim around the same time. Someone broke into his garage and shed and stole lawn equipment.

Just down the road in the Silver Heights subdivision, residents like Sandy Harmon are dealing with thefts too.

Someone walked up to her driveway and stole the radio from inside her truck. She and her husband are ready to move.

"My husband said that we've been here 26 years, and he's just tired,” Harmon said. “It's getting worse ... people are walking down the road, and they're passed out, and you know they're on drugs."

LMPD's crime tracking map shows 15 crimes near Sandy's neighborhood in just the past month – seven in the last week – and those are just the ones people reported.

One resident even showed us video of a stranger going through her car. It happened to be unlocked, just like Sandy's truck, but they say it shouldn't matter.

"It's still my vehicle," Harmon said. "It's in my yard. I pay rent. It's my property, just like if ... somebody would leave their car unlocked, that don't give me the right to go take stuff out of it,"

The residents plan to bring their concerns to police during a community meeting on Tuesday.

LMPD’s 7th Division will hold the meeting at the Casper Center at St. Rita Church at 8709 Preston Highway from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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