Bridget's Bread and Butter

LA GRANGE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bridget Matsen spends most days at school, hanging with her friends.

"I like doing math and stuff and reading," said Bridget. "I love being around my friends, because I love them so much."

But after next year, Bridget will finish school.

"When she's 21, she's going to need a career, a job that will keep her busy and purposeful," said Bridget's mom, Terri.

Then what? It's something Terri and so many other parents of special needs children struggle with.

"She's capable of doing so much. If you support her and help her through it, she can do whatever you ask her to do," said Terri.

Terri's teamed up with Audrey Devine and Maria Bechard, who are Bridget's teacher and speech therapist, to create "Bridget's Bread and Butter."

"Food which is my passion, because I love to cook and bake, and Audrey's passion is art, and Terri's passion is of course her daughter," said Bechard.

The trio hope to open a brick and mortar location that gives people with disabilities meaningful employment.

"I really want her to work in a place where she feels like she has to be there, or it's not going to get done. Not just something where she's doing busy work. And so it's a community of people who love her and support her, and she wants to go there," said Terri.

They've been working on "Bridget's Bread and Butter" for three years taking small steps here and there. While Bridget is almost done with school, they don't want to rush it.

"We want to do it right. We don't want to do it fast, we want to do it right," said Devine.

The group had a kickoff a few weeks ago and they just launched an online store. Doing that, along with a Go Fund Me page, they hope to raise the funds necessary to first rent a commercial kitchen. And while helping Bridget find a purpose is important, changing perceptions is their real mission.

"We want to take it a step further, and provide an experience that changes perception, so it's more of the norm to hire people with disabilities, so that we can help other businesses do that," said Devine.

"Bridget's Bread and Butter" would help others see what people with all abilities have to offer. "Not only just Bridget's livelihood, but about everybody's livelihoods," said Devine.

You can follow along with their journey online or donate to the Go Fund Me campaign.

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