Omni Hotel

Omni Hotel in downtown Louisville 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The Omni Hotel in downtown Louisville is facing two new sexual assault lawsuits.

The total is now up to seven because of the actions of one massage therapist who was employed by the hotel. In all the complaints, which range over the course of the past year, seven women say Colin Stephenson touched them inappropriately during a massage.

All of the women say it happened without their consent.

Six of these instances allegedly occurred at the Mokara Spa at the Omni Hotel. The seventh incident did not happen there, but the Omni was still sued in that case, because the lawsuit said the Omni had the responsibility by state law to report sexual assault to the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy.

The lawsuit claims that because the Omni failed to report Stephenson after firing him, it provided a platform for continued sexual assault.

This latest allegation of sexual assault happened while Stephenson was working as an independent contractor.

The Omni released a statement Friday night, saying:

"Due to pending litigation, we’re unable to provide specific details; however, we are concerned by the allegations about a former Omni employee, and we are conducting an internal investigation. Every job applicant at Omni who may have direct contact with guests is vetted by criminal background check before hiring, and each hire must complete thorough training. We are committed to the safety and security of all our guests."

A hearing is expected next week to see if all the lawsuits will be consolidated into one.

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