Original detectives in 1971 baby murder case "very grateful" that alleged killer found

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Thursday, WDRB learned new details of an arrest made in the cold case murder of a baby that dates back over 40 years.

The suspect -- Lawrence Beck -- had actually moved to the Los Angeles area -- and that's where he was taken into custody on Tuesday. Police say he was watching his girlfriend's 20-month old son, Michael Sanders, in Dec. 1971, when he inflicted traumatic injuries that resulted in the baby's death.

The cold case detective says she has been in constant contact with the original detectives and they are very happy about the arrest.

"We would have nothing, had it not been for their police work in 1971," said LMPD Detective Brenda Prescott. "They did an outstanding job. It's just the basics of a good investigation. That never changes, whether it's 50 years ago, five minutes ago or five years from now."

"They're very grateful," Det. Prescott said. "I can speak personally, as a police officer, there's always cases that stick with you, and this was one. This was one for both of these gentlemen. They were decorated officers and have gone on to do other great things in their lives, but this case haunted them."

Right now, Lawrence beck is being held on a half-million dollar bond He is expected to be brought back here to the metro Louisville area in the next few weeks.

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