Pedestrian killed in crash along Dixie Highway in Shively

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - A man is dead after he was hit by an SUV while trying to cross Dixie Highway early Wednesday morning. 

Witnesses say the victim darted out into the middle of Dixie Highway around 6 a.m. between Gagel Avenue and Rockford Lane just before he was hit. 

That stretch of road doesn't have crosswalks.

Shirena Mcallister says she was watching TV inside a motel just feet from the scene when she heard the sounds of the crash. 

She says at first she thought there had been a collision involving two vehicles. 

"What I thought what I heard was bumper-to-bumper action between two cars," McAllister said. "Ten minutes later, I heard all the sirens and the next thing you know I found out that there was a young boy over there, probably around my age, dead.”

The victim’s personal items were scattered across Dixie Highway. 

Lt. Col. Josh Myers, the public information officer for Shively police,  says the SUV's driver was heading to work when he struck the victim in the southbound lanes. 

Myers says the SUV driver immediately stopped. 

"The driver did stop, he is cooperating completely," Myers said. "We do not suspect at this point that he was under any kind of influence.” 

He says the victim's dark clothing and a lack of street lights likely made it impossible for the driver to see him. 

“It was dark at the time of the impact and you know, lighting is what it is along Dixie Highway," Myers said. 

“It’s horrible to see somebody like that," Mcallister said. 

Mcallister says drivers are constantly dodging jay-walkers on Dixie Highway. "I’m wondering if he’s the same guy I see every morning crossing between the car wash and Applebee’s right here?"

All lanes of Dixie Highway near Rockford Lane were shut down until 8:30 a.m. while police cleared the scene.

The victim’s name has not yet been released. 

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