Long John Silver's arrests

SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- The Scott County Sheriff's Department is investigating drug activity inside a Scottsburg restaurant. 

The Long John Silver's on State Road 56 in Scottsburg was closed on April 11 for cleaning. The health department said it closed voluntarily and was not shut down. The restaurant passed a health inspection. 

Deputies reeled in two suspects, 28-year-old James Smith and 32-year-old Linda Smith. The pair is now facing drug charges.

Sheriff Jerry Goodin said Linda Smith works at the restaurant but wouldn't say if she was selling or using drugs inside.

"I can't really talk about what was actually taking place inside the restaurant," Goodin said. "All I can say is that there was drug activity at the restaurant. That's why we were there."

Goodin said tipsters called in with concerns about what was going on. His department has been cracking down on drug-related crime since he took office in January.

"No matter where the dope goes, that's where we're going to be," Goodin said. "And that just happened to be at a local restaurant in this situation. And it's zero tolerance." 

Goodin said his goals are simple: get dangerous drugs off the streets and put the dealers feeding the problem behind bars. 

"We are not going to tolerate you sending this poison into Scott County," Goodin said. "We're going to come after you no matter where you are."

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