AUSTIN, Ind. (WDRB) -- In the height and heat of the summer, the serenity of Hardy Lake in Scott County is the respite Christine Johnson really needs.

"My husband and I decided we were going to go fishing without kids and grandkids for a change," she said.

A few weeks back, they rolled up to the boat ramp, positioned their F-150 just right and had a plan.

Johnson would stay in the truck, while her husband, Bill, took their boat over to the dock. It was smooth sailing, at first.

"I was getting real uncomfortable on the boat ramp, because the truck is a stick shift," she said. "I only drove it twice, and if you don't get the pedals just right, you know what happens to vehicles? They roll back."

Their truck was doing just that. Bill jumped in and tried to stop it. It was too late.

"We looked around, and we were in the lake," Johnson said. "It was going down."

They both jumped ship. Johnson got on the hood of the truck, and a picture was snapped.

"I had my phone. I had my purse. I had my good coffee cup," she said. "I didn't want to get in the water. I didn't want to get all wet."

The photo proved to be social media gold. Once they knew she was safe, Johnson's family wasted little time in playfully roasting her.

"My niece, she's kind of a kidder," Johnson said. "So she put it on Facebook and said 'if we could all be like aunt Chris.'"

Another niece made a meme that reads, "Hello? Is this Jake from State Farm?"

As for the F-150, a tow truck came to get it out of Hardy Lake. The Johnsons thought it would probably end up in a junk yard, but it didn't.

"A couple said ... if you drain all the fluids and replenish them, then the truck might start again," Johnson said.

They were right. I guess they really are build Ford tough.

An "oops" at the lake may have ruined a fishing trip, but it turned Johnson into a social media star.

"The whole thing was just kind of unbelievable," she said.

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