POLICE: Doss High School students arrested for video voyeurism

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department has arrested two students who are accused of shooting a video of a teacher's private areas without her knowledge, and then uploading that video to YouTube.

Devon L. Ewing and Carlos Cain Jr., both 18 years old, were taken into custody shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday.

According to arrest warrants, it happened on Monday. Authorities say Cain held a cell phone under a teacher's dress while she was teaching class and recorded a video of her private area without her knowledge or consent.  JCPS spokesperson Lauren Roberts tells WDRB news, "Allegedly during class, according to the police report, one of the young men distracted the distracted the teacher while the other student took the video."

Ewing allegedly helped Cain with the production of the video. In addition to loaning his phone to Cain, authorities say he asked the teacher for assistance in an "apparent ruse" so that she would be "bent over" when the video was taken, "positioning the teacher" to get the video.

After the incident, Cain allegedly uploaded the video to Ewing's YouTube account. Authorities say Ewing transferred the video to another YouTube account, and Cain, "contacted others about the video posting and described how to locate it."

Police say the video showed a "clear view" of the teacher's "private areas."

School officials eventually learned of the video and the students were confronted. Police say Cain admitted to the plot and that Ewing was involved in it. This admission was made to the principal and the school resource officer.

Both students were eventually arrested and charged with video voyeurism.  Col Carl Yates of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department says, "I am sure they did think it was a prank to begin with.  But now we all know this is a crime -- it's a class D felony."

Roberts say,"Thankfully a student stepped forward and reported to staff what had occurred."

And whether the students saw this as just a joke or a prank, the alleged victim did not and took action to get police involved.  "The teacher in this particular case chose to seek legal action against these two youngsters," says Roberts.

According to police reports, the video was pretty graphic and showed the teacher's buttocks and genital area.

The students are also being punished by JCPS.  Roberts says, "The students have been disciplined and right now are facing those consequences."

We have not been able to reach the students for comments but we did find this post on Cain's facebook page.  It says:"I can't take it back; I just hope that God forgives me and that she finds it in her heart to forgive me, too. But I did something dumb."

Meanwhile, school officials won't say what actions have been taken, but say this is a serious matter.  "This is certainly a concern that an individual was violated this way and we take it very seriously," says Roberts.

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