Former Ind. House speaker arrested for DUI

HODGENVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say Larue County Superintendent Sam Sanders was arrested for DUI Friday night in Hodgenville.

The arresting officer reports that Sanders had blood shot eyes and smelled of alcohol when he was pulled over.

"Evidently, Mr. Sanders pulled out in front of a vehicle that had to slam on its brakes to keep from hitting him. That's what drew the officer's attention," said Chief Steve Johnson of the Hodgenville Police Department.

Johnson says it was around midnight Friday when one of his officers pulled over a car for speeding.

He says behind the wheel was Larue County Superintendent Sam Sanders.

According to Sanders' twitter, which has since been deleted, Sanders was somewhere watching the UK-U of L game Friday before heading home for the night.

"He refused to do the intoxilyzer," said Chief Johnson.

According to the arrest slip, Sanders denied he'd been drinking but failed a field sobriety test.

To make matters worse, Johnson says the car Sanders was driving belongs to the school district.

"When they ran the tag, it came back registered to the Larue County Board of Education so he was driving a school vehicle and the school would've been liable if he'd had any kind of accident," Johnson told WDRB.

Dash cam video shows Sanders struggling to stand on one leg during a field sobriety test. Police also say he struggled with walking heal-to-toe in a straight line.

With his house only a few hundred yards away from where he was pulled over, dash cam video shows Sanders' wife approach the scene. According to a police report, she was very upset and causing trouble for officers--allegedly trying to open the back door of the police cruiser where Sanders was being held.

According to a police report, Sanders' wife claims police had been following her husband.

Sanders was taken to the Larue County Jail where WDRB is told his stay lasted less than 20 minutes.

WDRB stopped by Sanders' house on Saturday but no one answered the door.

We made contact with his attorney who says Sanders has no comment at this time.

Chief Johnson says Sanders' has a good reputation.

"As far as I knew, as far as I still know, he just made a mistake in judgment last night I guess."

But he says, that's no excuse for drinking and driving.

"He's got to face the consequences just like anybody else. If you've had a drink or two drinks you need to either get a designated driver or stay where you're at," said Chief Johnson.

Sanders' attorney Doug Hubbard tells WDRB Sanders has a court date set for April 9th.

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