Hatim Mohamed mugshot

(Image Source: Louisville Metro Corrections)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man was arrested after authorities say he pointed a loaded gun at his pregnant girlfriend and four children.

Hatim Mohamed, 27, was arrested on Friday at his home in the 2200 block of West Burnett Avenue, near South 23rd Street.

According to an arrest report, officers responded to the scene on a call regarding a domestic disturbance. When officers arrived, they found Mohamed at the back of the residence. 

Police say Mohamed's girlfriend told officers that he became angry over the use of her cell phone. Authorities say "he began to grab her and wrestle with her."

Investigators say after the initial altercation was diffused by the mother of Mohamed's girlfriend, Mohamed and his girlfriend got into another physical altercation.

Police say Mohamed "applied pressure" to the victim's throat, which affected her breathing. While holding the victim's throat, Mohamed "struck the victim's head against the wall multiple times." As a result, the victim sustained pain and a minor injury to her head.

Officials say Mohamed then pulled out a loaded semi-automatic pistol and "cycled a round into the chamber." He then pointed the weapon at his girlfriend, her mother and four children who were inside the home. It's not clear if Mohamed is the father of the four children.

According to police, just before officers arrived, Mohamed put the gun inside a closet, where it was concealed by several layers of clothing, in an effort to hide evidence.

Mohamed is charged with wanton endangerment, tampering with physical evidence and assault.

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