Police need help finding crime scene after shooting victim dies at hospital

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man is shot and rushed to the hospital where he dies.

LMPD Homicide is working the case but they're missing a big piece of the puzzle.

Right now police still don't know where it started, but the victim's family is hoping that will change.

"I just hope they catch who did it. He was a good parent, he loved his wife, he loved his family," said Evelyn Sherley, the victim's mother-in-law.

On Saturday, Sherley's son-in-law was rushed to University Hospital after being shot.

"And it's a shame these kids don't have a father anymore," Sherley said.

33-year-old Damone Jones died in surgery, and Metro Police started the homicide investigation with an unusual problem.

"Right now, we're just trying to figure out where the shooting happened, where the scene is," said Lt. Emily McKinley, with LMPD Homicide.

Lt. McKinley said Jones was transported to the hospital by people who knew him, but not the city.

"They were not from Louisville, they were not familiar with their surroundings, so, they didn't know exactly where the scene was."

Police say that scene is crucial to finding a suspect and solving the case.

"There could be shell casings, there could be blood, there could be clothing, there could be, you know, any potential evidence...cellphones, video, things like that at the scene," Lt. McKinley explained. 

Right now, the only thing detectives know about the scene is that it is somewhere west of downtown Louisville.

"Maybe west of 9th Street, around the Broadway corridor ... taking it down, I would take it all the way down to Shawnee Park," Lt. McKinley said.

That covers a lot of ground but police are hoping a man at the scene can pinpoint the exact location.

"They said he had a beard, and he was wearing a white tee-shirt and bluejeans and he helped the victim prior to him getting into this vehicle and the vehicle that they got into was a red Chevy Impala," Lt. McKinley said.

For now, there is no suspect and no motive -- just a grieving family waiting for answers and justice.

"And whoever done it, they should be ashamed of theyself," Sherley said.

"My son, he loved his uncle Damone. We a close family," said Kandyce Trice, Jones' niece.

Trice said the family had recently returned from a family vacation.

"We just got back from Myrtle Beach last weekend," she said.

Trice said she received the news late Saturday afternoon.

"My aunt called me screaming," she said.

If you have any information to share with police, you can call the anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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