LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Recently released court documents have revealed more details regarding an Indiana semi crash that killed a mother and her twin toddlers, and left several other people hurt.

This is according to a report from Fox59.

The crash happened Sunday around noon in the east lanes of I-465.

Police officers found a 2012 silver Ford engulfed in flames. The bodies of three people were found, but could not be identified because of damage from the fire.

Indiana State Police say the fire was so strong it burned the surrounding area and metal guard rail. Police found a burnt Ford grill emblem in the grass not far from the crash.

Five other vehicles were also hit by the semi, which caused seven other people to be hospitalized. One of the vehicles was still attached to the semi when emergency crews arrived. That driver had to be cut from the vehicle.

Officials say the driver of the semi, 57-year-old Bruce Pollard, of Sturgeon, Missouri, stayed at the scene and was treated for minor injuries. Authorities say the semi had heavy front and driver side damage.

Court records state that a witness told officers that the semi was traveling above the speed limit and had changed lanes. The witness also stated that the semi did not brake until after it hit the silver Ford, which caused it to catch on fire.

Pollard was taken to Eskenazi Hospital for a blood draw. He then talked to police and consented to a search of the semi's Airbag Control Module (ACM), saying he "had nothing to hide."

Initially, Pollard stated that a white vehicle had cut him off and he hit his brakes to avoid crashing into that car, which made his semi veer to the right. Pollard also claimed he was only traveling between 30 and 35 miles per hour because he was aware he was in a construction zone.

Fox 59's report states that police say Pollard was only concerned about his semi following the crash and showed no remorse when he was told there had been casualties and injuries resulting from the crash. According to court records, Pollard was only concerned about his possessions, medicine and which hotel police would be taking him to.

Family members identified the victims who were killed in the silver Ford as 29-year-old Alanna Koons and her 18-month-old twins June and Ruby Koons.

Police retrieved data from Pollard's truck, which showed Pollard was traveling at 65 miles per hour. The data also showed that Pollard did not brake until the semi hit the silver Ford. Records show that Pollard eventually admitted that he was traveling too fast.

According to police, Pollard again showed no remorse, saying that he guessed he was driving too fast and that he hit other vehicles. He once again asked police what hotel room he was being taken to and when could he get his possessions.

Police say Pollard showed no emotion when he was told that he had killed a family and that other people had suffered serious injuries.

Police say when Pollard was told he had been charged with reckless homicide and criminal recklessness, he only expressed concern about when he was getting out of jail.

When he was once again told that he had killed a family, Pollard once again showed no emotion.

On Tuesday, the Koons family released the following statement:

“At this extremely difficult time we would like to express our gratitude to all of those who have reached out to our family following the tragic loss of Alanna, June and Ruby.  They were all loved dearly by their family and friends, and they will be greatly missed. We are broken-hearted by their loss but sustained by our faith.  We believe in a loving Heavenly Father who comforts his children in the midst of their most painful trials.  We are steadfast and confident in knowing that our family will be reunited in the life to come. We thank the police, other first responders, friends, family and the media for their kind words about these wonderful girls and their mother. We trust you will allow us private time to mourn.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist the Koons family with expenses.

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