POLICE: Traffic stop nets alleged prescription drug dealer on Dixie Hwy.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A license plate that wasn't illuminated: Shively Police say that's what led them to a prescription drug dealer.

It happened on Tuesday, just before midnight, on Dixie Hwy., near the I-264 interchange.

Police say they spotted 36-year-old Mario Perez Domingo driving a 1997 beige Toyota Corolla. His license plate wasn't illuminated and he wasn't wearing a seat belt, according to an arrest report.

Upon further investigation, police say they discovered that his license plate had been canceled by the Department of Transportation.

Police say Domingo was "nervous" when they stopped him, and admitted that he didn't have insurance. When officers asked if he had any illegal drugs in his possession, he allegedly admitted that he had a bag of marijuana in his pocket, and gave police permission to search his car and person.

According to the arrest report, police say they found over $1,900 in his pocket, as well as marijuana and three pill bottles, containing oxycodone, hydrocodone, alprazolam, morphine, and clonazepam.

Police say some of the bottles were prescriptions made out to someone named "Mario Domingo" and someone else with the last name Domingo.

Domingo gave police permission to search his cell phone, according to the arrest report, and officers allegedly found numerous text messages, "discussing the buying and selling of narcotics, including Xanax."

He was arrested and charged with failure to wear a seat belt, failure to illuminate the rear license plate, not having registration plates, failure to maintain required insurance, possession of marijuana and trafficking in a controlled substance.

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