POLICE: Would-be burglar told police he was trying to surprise his girlfriend

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say a suspect tried to pass his would-be burglary off as an attempt to surprise his girlfriend. The only problem was the woman in the apartment wasn't his girlfriend -- and had never seen him before in her life.

Police say it happened shortly after 11:30 on Thursday night, at an apartment on Halston Court, just east of the intersection of La Grange Road and Lyndon Lane.

According to the arrest report, officers went to that location after they received a call from the woman inside the apartment that a break-in was taking place -- specifically, that a bald man wearing a gray sweatshirt was trying to get into the apartment through the patio sliding door.

When officers arrived, they allegedly found a man matching that description -- 37-year-old David Dutschke -- outside the apartment.

Police say that when Dutschke saw them pulling in, he took off running, but he was eventually captured. Officers say he had a metal file, a Phillips screwdriver and a metal punch sticking out of his back pocket.

Pry marks -- such as the ones that would be made by the metal punch -- were found on the woman's patio door, according to the arrest report.

Police say Dutschke admitted he was trying to get into the apartment -- even through a locked door -- but he said he had an excuse: he thought the apartment belonged to his girlfriend and he wanted to "surprise her."

The woman in the apartment allegedly told police that she wasn't Dutschke's girlfriend, didn't know him and has lived in that apartment for more than a year.

Dutschke was arrested and charged with attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools.

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