LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said he is looking forward to returning to the private sector after his term as governor is over during an interview Saturday morning on "Fox & Friends." 

"We'll see," Bevin said when asked what was next for him during the interview, which came just two days after he conceded the gubernatorial election to Democrat Andy Beshear. "I mean, this is the first political job I've ever had. I never took a political science course in my life, so I find myself now back to exactly where I've been. I have about 30 days worth of heavy lifting to do. A lot of paper to get through. ... The private sector is a wonderful place; it really is. It served me well for years, and I look forward to returning to it."

Bevin also discussed what lessons he took away from the gubernatorial election and said "there's a lot of misinformation" about what is expected for Kentucky Republicans. Although the party claimed a number of key victories in the 2019 election, Bevin said the result of his race should show the country that Kentucky is still "a heavily registered Democrat state." 

The "Fox & Friends" crew then asked the governor about President Donald Trump's visit to Lexington, Kentucky, on Election Day eve in support of his reelection campaign. Trump said his rally at Rupp Arena helped make the race as close as it was by creating a swing of "at least 15 points, and maybe 20 (points)," despite polls showing the two candidates tied in the weeks leading up to Election Day. As it pertains to the president's popularity in the state and possible 2020 election implications, Bevin said he doesn't think you can draw too many conclusions from the effect Trump's rally had on the gubernatorial election. 

"Anytime the president of the country comes to a state and gets people fired up, it's good for all concerned," Bevin said. "It was a wonderful event; it really was. People were enthused. In fairness to the president, I think it's a little too much to expect him to single-handedly in one night make a difference in the race in an entire state."

Beshear, the state’s attorney general, edged Bevin by 5,136 votes following a recanvass, according to Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes' office. Beshear captured 49.2% of the vote, to Bevin’s 48.8%. Beshear will be inaugurated Dec. 10. 

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