Gun Range

The manager of Accuracy Unlimited shoots at a target at the indoor range in Seymour. (WDRB Photo)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two gun bills are up for debate on Monday at the Indiana Statehouse.

Fox 59 reports that one of the bills would expand the rights and protections of gun owners who are involved in self-defense shootings. The other bill would allow some Indiana teachers to be armed inside schools.

House Bill 1253 will be discussed in front of a conference committee to provide funding for the training of teachers and other staff members, so they could be armed on school property. House Bill 1284 could be approved by the state senate and would give protection to gun owners who shoot in self-defense or to protect someone else.

Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Lucas, of Seymour, said a recommendation stemming from the investigation into Florida's Parkland school shooting last year was to arm teachers who are trained to respond before law enforcement are able to get to a scene. Lucas also stated teachers would have to undergo at least 38 hours of training, and that the bill to arm school teachers would require more training than what's given to some police officers in Indiana.

People who oppose the bill say there is no empirical data to suggest that having legally armed teachers would make schools safer.

The second bill that could be voted on by Indiana senators on Monday would not allow people who have been shot in self-defense, or their estates, to sue gun owners who fired weapons to protect themselves or others.

Lawmakers are scrambling to complete the work ahead of the NRA's 148th Annual Meeting, which is scheduled to start on Thursday at the Indiana Convention Center. The event is expected to draw about 75,000 people.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are slated to speak to the NRA membership on Friday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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