Public Works patches more than 3,700 potholes in one week

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Louisville Metro Public Works is in the middle of its annual “pothole blitz” but there are far fewer potholes than in years past.

The rush to fix potholes typically begins at the beginning of the Spring and lasts until the Kentucky Derby.

On average, Public Works officials say crews are patching 3,700 potholes per week this year. Last year, 172,000 potholes were patched throughout Louisville.

“We are on pace this year to do only about 60,000,” said Metro Public Works spokesperson Harold Adams.

Adams says that’s a direct result of easier snow plowing in Louisville this past Winter.

“Last season when we had to plow multiple times because we had heavier snows, we had to run the plows the same number of events (this year), but we didn't have to run the plows over the street as many times,” Adams said.

Public Works is about a week into a new campaign that allows citizens to report potholes via twitter using the hashtag #502pothole. Officials say that has allowed crews to work more efficiently.

“What will happen typically is someone will report a pothole on a certain street,” Adams explained.  “Well our crew arrives there and there may actually be five potholes.”

The fewer potholes could also mean savings down the road for the city.

“We're doing it mostly without using overtime and of course labor is the biggest cost,” Adams said.

However, patching the potholes is just part of the solution. In order to get a permanent fix, a bigger project will have to be started.

“A patching of a pothole is a temporary solution, ultimately we have to repave the road,” Adams said.

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