Push for local motocross and ATV park gaining traction

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)---It's a venue that Louisville resident, Todd Brimm says, is missing from the area.

"You can do just about anything in Louisville: cyclocross, fly your remote control airplanes on airfields, ride horses, water sports. You can do anything except legally ride a dirt bike or an ATV in Louisville Metro area or even in the surrounding or bordering counties," says Todd Brimm, who is forming the Louisville Motocross Club.

He says the nearest motocross and ATV parks are in Bedford, Kentucky and Charlestown, Indiana.

It's why he and others are working to change that locally. 

They've gotten help from Councilwoman Attica Scott.

Metro Council recently adopted a Resolution regarding the Lees Lane landfill, in southwest Louisville, as a possible site to study.

"It's simply saying to the Administration, please seriously consider this site as an ATV location," says Councilwoman Attica Scott of District 1.

That site is closed and testing of soil samples have shown there are toxic pollutants.

Supporters say it's not the only option they've been looking at.

They also say, a motocross and ATV venue could benefit the area and other parks in Jefferson County.

There has been some damage reported to area parks from ATV's.

Riverview Park had issues shortly after its dedication in 2010, costing several thousand dollars.

"We had some problems with some people riding on, at that point it was really soft ground on the hills, and so it really made some pretty damaging tire marks and so on," says Councilman Rick Blackwell of District 12.

Most recently in late July, a section of the newer Parklands at Floyds Fork was impacted after someone rode ATV's on trails, leaving behind more than $10,000 worth of damage.

Supporters are hoping if they continue to gain enough traction, this will no longer be an issue in the future and that both kids and adults will have a place to turn.

"Enjoy a very challenging and demanding sport and getting kids off the streets and into the dirt if you will," says Todd Brimm.

Todd Brimm says they are forming a motocross club in Louisville to get people involved.

He says he'd like to see a motocross and ATV venue that is safe and family-friendly.

For information on how to get involved, you can email him at Louisvillemx@twc.com .

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