Joshua Ruiz Fernandez

Joshua Ruiz Fernandez (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Radcliff man has been arrested after police say he was impersonating a peace officer in order to get traffic to move out of his way.

According to an arrest report, an officer was sent to the area near the intersection of West Lincoln Trail and U.S. 31 West in Radcliff Friday evening after someone said a white Kia Forte was flashing red and blue lights out of its front window.

The driver was flashing the lights and causing other drivers in front of him to get out of his way.

An officer with the Radcliff Police Department spotted the vehicle near the corner of North Wilson Road and West Lincoln Trail. The license plate on the Kia Forte matched that of a vehicle reported to be doing the same thing the previous night.

The driver was 28-year-old Joshua Ruiz Fernandez, according to police.

When police tried to stop the vehicle, using lights and sirens, Fernandez moved over to the right lane, but did not stop. Police say Fernandez did eventually stop at a red light, but didn't put the vehicle in park or pull over.

The officer then got out of the police vehicle, knocked on Fernandez's window and tried to open the door. Police say Fernandez refused to roll down the window, open the door or put the vehicle in park at first -- but did so when a backup officer arrived.

Polices say they saw a red and blue light inside the car, attached to the front windshield. 

When asked why he didn't stop when police activated lights and sirens, Fernandez allegedly claimed not to have heard or seen the officer, but police say he later contradicted himself by saying he moved over so the officer could pass.

He told the officer the lights in his car were "just for looks," according to police.

Police arrested Fernandez and charged him with impersonating a peace officer, fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle, improper use of blue lights and improper use of red lights.

He is currently being held in the Hardin County Detention Center.

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