RAW VIDEO: Louisville Fire & Rescue using drones to help in fire fighting, search missions

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Firefighters are using the help of drones to fight the fire on Whiskey Row. You can see some of their footage in the player above. 

Louisville Fire and Rescue has a total of four drones, but can only operate two at once. 

Each has three cameras attached. The drones also have thermal cameras to detect body heat and infrared cameras.

The fire department has utilized the drones several times in the search for victims after Saturday's boating accident on the Ohio River, the fatal fire in Old Louisville last week and at the massive GE fire at Appliance park in April. 

"A fire like this one -- a bigger size fire -- you can use it to find hot spots you might not see from street level. Also helps you see extension you might not be aware of to get ahead of it better, so it can help you tweak your tactics," Major Jim Frederick said. 

Each drone with all the accessories cost close to $23,000. Grant money was used to buy both. 

Two firefighters are trained to use the drones on each shift.

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