RAW VIDEO | Shelby Co. Sheriff says more suspected human remains found in Waddy, Ky.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Friday afternoon, Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong told reporters that they believe more human remains have been discovered in farmland located in Waddy, Kentucky.

On Wednesday evening, Don Kircher, a Waddy resident who lives on Samples Lane, contacted the Shelby County Sheriff's Office to report that his dogs had brought what appeared to be a human skull to the end of his driveway. Crews responded to the scene and on Thursday, searched the general area where the skull had been found -- an area which included the end of Kircher's property, as well as part of a 200-acre property adjoining it. 

On Friday, Sheriff Armstrong said that search had indeed been fruitful.

"Today, we did have a new development," Armstrong said. "Late yesterday, we did find an area of interest to us. The cadaver dogs that were on scene were brought to that area. They gave us a positive response, which led us to believe it was a good area to search in today."

That search resulted in a discovery, according to Armstrong, calling today "a decent day."

"We have what we believe found additional human remains," he said. "We've also found...a lot of animal remains, but we do believe that we have located more human remains. I'm not going into detail into exactly what we found, but we do think there are some items -- or some remains that we have found -- that may help us in narrowing the down the search, as to missing persons reports. Things like that. Some things like that have probably come to us today that may help us in that."

"It has been a decent day for us," he added. "We know there's a lot of families out there that are wondering, and if we could fix this for them and give them answers, we would. This is not going to be a short process. It's going to be a long process."

Armstrong said his office has gotten calls from various people who have filed missing persons reports. He asked that anyone is concerned about a missing loved one contact their local agencies.

According to Armstrong, the remains do not appear to have been dug up.

"We have not found any type of shallow grave," he said. "At this point, everything we've found seems to appear to have been on top of the ground -- somewhat similar in nature as to the skull that was found."

Armstrong added that investigators have collected "several items" from an area 75 feet square. He declined to comment on whether any personal items had been found with the remains.

"At this point, we won't be going into any of that -- nothing along that line," he said. "But like I say, we have found some stuff that may help us narrow some reports down as they're being looked through, and as other agencies start looking, we may be able to help them with what they're looking for."

He said investigators have no idea on the gender of the remains, the cause of death, or whether or not foul play was involved in the death, but added that, "this person appears to have been deceased for a while."

He also said Kircher is not being questioned by investigators.

"He has been met with," Armstrong said. "He has been cooperative. He has allowed us to be on his property. No, the owner of the property is not an issue at this point."

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