LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crews scheduled to resume repairs of a busy stretch of highway in southern Indiana have run into a roadblock. 

Repairs on Hwy. 111 were initially scheduled to begin on June 3 but have been delayed until at least June 24 while officials conduct an "archaeological review in the area." 

"I believe it's connected to Native Americans," said INDOT spokesperson Natalie Garrett.

The problems along Hwy. 111, which is often used by visitors to Horseshoe Southern Indiana, have been ongoing and getting worse, even after $5 million was spent to fix it.

WDRB News reported flooding on Highway 111 around the casino in February 2018 that caused large chunks of the road to wash away. Cracks in the road have continued to grow larger, and some cracks measured more than six feet deep.

Road crews made repairs funded by a $5 million road project, which was partly covered by FEMA. They stabilized the slides in the road, but a year later, the road started to crumble again where the work had stopped.

Indiana Department of Transportation officials said a $500,000 project to continue to stabilize the road was supposed to start last Monday, but the project was put off a week. 

Crews will construct a wall to reinforce the road, which should take about three weeks. Lanes will be shifted, but no lanes should close. Lanes were shifted in the area in late May in preparation for the repair project. 

"We're trying to get ahead of it as much as we can," Garrett said.

INDOT would eventually like to move the road away from the river. Officials say the long-term plan calls for moving the road into a neighboring field.

"So that will alleviate a lot of these issues that we've been seeing there along the Ohio River," Garrett said.

According to a news release from INDOT, that project is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving 2021. 

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