LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- With more than 60 Kentucky counties now classified as "red zones" for COVID-19, Gov. Andy Beshear is recommending that residents refrain from going out to eat next week.

Beshear is asking people to instead order takeout or delivery to help slow the rise of COVID-19 cases.

Some restaurants say they've already made several adjustments during the pandemic to help keep diners safe, including spreading out tables, adding outdoor dining options and expanding takeout and delivery services.

Some customers say they'll take the governor's recommendations and decide what's best for them.

"Especially being in this industry -- hospitality and restaurant industry -- I've seen what these times have brought to a lot of business owners and employees, and it's just important to support the other people around," said customer Harry Ginsberg. 

Brie Lowry Cox, director of marketing and media for Corto Lima, said her Lexington, Kentucky, restaurant will adapt to whatever comes its way.

"For people who want to come out, we'll be here," she said. "But, generally speaking, we want to make ourselves as accessible as we can." 

Beshear has repeatedly stressed that the red-zone guidelines are not mandates and that no businesses have to close. 

Other recommendations include working from home, reducing in-person shopping and postponing or canceling events.


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