Retiring Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin posts lengthy Facebook message on last day of the job

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's the last day on the job for the Bardstown Police Chief.

Chief Rick McCubbin posted a long message on Facebook, saying, "When I came to Bardstown as an outside chief, I was accepted, by not only the department...but by this outstanding community."

When he announced his retirement, McCubbin said he did not agree with the mayor's decision to restructure the department.

He says today he'll make one last stop to pay respects to Officer Jason Ellis, whose murder remains unsolved. He'll go to the ramp where Ellis was killed and that will end McCubbin's tour of duty.

The full text of McCubbin's Facebook message is below:

Final Assignment. One last "Off Duty"

Today marks the end of my tenure as the Chief of Police here at Bardstown PD. While we in law enforcment, from our first day on the street, count down the day until we "get our 20 years"..yet when we do we find it difficult to say farewell. After 28 years it is even harder.

When I came to Bardstown as an outside chief I was accepted by not only the department but by this outstanding community. A community that has partnered with us at BPD to not only move forward but to team up against crime in our beautiful town. What a team we have been!

While I am certain that I will open yet another chapter in my professional life, as well as my personal life, saying farewell to this department and to this town is most difficult. My biggest fault is that as a chief executive I care, sincerely, about each member of BPD in my own way. ALL of you are simply the best and each of you have your own way that has impressed me and yes, frustrated me at times!! But I am honored that each of allowed me to be called your chief.

Today will bring a few last appointments ( you know I am going to work up to the last minute!! ha) and of course one last stop as the chief to pay respect to the one true hero who gave his life for our town, Officer Jason Ellis. One last stop "on the ramp" will end my tour of duty.

Tonight will bring family and friends together for last gathering and I must point out my Admin Assitant Megan Wells who, for the last few years has had my back; my reminders, calm me when I get frustarted, always keeping me in line, and yes, even knowing when my sugar level was getting low as she would yell into my office..

" you need to eat, you about to be an ass!!"...

Megan has single handedly planned and executed the plan for my retirement send off. I couldn't have retired at a worse time and while I would have been content with a get together somewhere in town Megan , on her own, stepped up and put togther what will no doubt be top notch!!

Lastly, I want to thank the most dedicated, professional, officers that I have worked with and they allowed me to be called their chief; the men and women of BPD. Secondly, to the citizens of Bardstown who accepted me five years ago as their chief and I hope that I have not disappointed those whom we serve


As well, Former Mayors Heaton and Sheckles, who, in the transition of one mayor leaving office and another coming in, gave me the opportunity to your chief. And lastly to Mayor Royalty who allowed me to remain chief for sixteen months of his administration.

This, my friends, has been an honor.

May our paths cross again.

Chief Rick McCubbin

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