River Ridge donates 105 acres in Jeffersonville for new Chapel Lake Park

The River Ridge Board of Directors voted unanimously Monday to donate 105 acres sandwiched between the Crystal Springs Subdivision and the commerce center to the city of Jeffersonville. 

The property is valued at $1.4 million, but River Ridge officials said they can’t use the land to build because the hills are also wetlands.

Jeffersonville Mike Moore said Monday the donation paves the way for construction on Chapel Lake Park to begin.

"It makes me feel good," Moore said. "Everybody in Clark County appreciates the idea of a new big family park. We're utilizing space that River Ridge could not utilize otherwise.

“The one thing I really love about this site is it’s a mile and a half from 1,600 different households in the city of Jeff,” Moore said.

The current proposal has paths, ponds, picnic areas, playgrounds, parking, bathrooms and new sidewalks along New Chapel Road.

Also on Monday, Moore asked River Ridge to donate $1 million per year for five years to help expand the city’s fire station with 12 new firefighters.

Moore called the request a public safety issue, but it was denied by the River Ridge board in a 4-1 vote.

"I appreciate everything they're doing out here, all the road improvements, all the new jobs ... that's great," Moore said. "Do not forget one of the biggest priorities you have: public safety."

After Monday's "no" vote, Moore said there is no Plan B for the fire station expansion. He added that he's open to suggestions.

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