LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Scammers are targeting LG&E customers, and they're pulling some new tricks to sound real.

One LG&E customer in Louisville, who didn't want to be identified, wants to warn others about the calls.

"On the caller ID, it said that it was LG&E, and it had their number," the woman said. "He told me I owed over $700 on my electric bill. If I did not pay my bill within 30 minutes, my electricity was going to be cut off."

When she told the caller that she makes automatic payments each month, he told her to call a 1-800 number.

"The recording I got is the same one you get when you call LG&E," she said. "It's that same man's voice."

When she pressed the "pay" option, she was told to follow specific directions in order to keep her lights on.

"I needed to go to a store, somewhere like a CVS, get a card, put money on the card and mail him the card," she said.

That's when she hung up, called LG&E and confirmed it was a scam. A worker told her other local customers had fallen for it.

"She told me a man had just called her and he had paid $800 to these people, and he wanted to know if it would go toward his LG&E payment, which of course it won't," she said. "So he and his family are out $800."

LG&E cites three signs of potential scams: a threat to disconnect, a request for an immediate payment and a request for a prepaid card.

"There's always a baseline of scams," LG&E Spokeswoman Natasha Collins said. "There are always perpetrators out there who are up for trying to pose as the utility and pull a scam on unsuspecting customers. The numbers that call customers may appear to be an LG&E and KU number, but if they're suspicious, hang up and just call us directly yourself."

LG&E said it will never demand a customer's credit card, debit card or other personal information. If you suspect a scam, call LG&E 24/7 at (502)-589-1444 to confirm the status of your account.

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