Scott County teenager arrested for fraud after soliciting money from assistant jail commander

SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- A 16-year-old Scott County teenager was seen going door-to-door along Lover’s Lane and South Jimtown Lane on Monday asking neighbors for money to support his track team at Scottsburg High School.

Johnney Coomer, the Scott County Assistant Jail Commander, was visiting his mother when the teenager came to the door.

He felt something wasn’t right.

“It kind of threw me by surprise, because you’re out in the country. Not too many people come by,” said Coomer. who messaged a friend who works with the track team who told him the boy had been “relieved” from the team last year.

“I jumped in my truck and actually went down the road, and he was coming up to another house, and I kind of hollered at him and said ‘Hey, man. Can you come over here a minute?’'’

Once he pulled up to the teen, Coomer began questioning the him about who was his coach. The teen could not answer the questions and gave a “deer in the headlights look.”

Scott County deputies arrived and arrested the teen for fraud. He admitted to cutting off a monitoring device from previous supervision also due to fraud charges.

“He didn’t even have a paper in his hand for where you could see that it was from the school,” said Kathy Barger, who met the teen Monday when he came to her house. She immediately became suspicious.

“He was saying he was collecting for some kind of sport and he said ‘Well, I’m in such and such.’ He changed his story real fast.”

Officials say students and organizations should always present documentation for the charity or school they are soliciting money for.

The teen was charged with five counts of fraud and will appear in a Scott County courtroom Thursday.

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