Sellersburg family re-lives the pain of a murder

SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- A Sellersburg family went on vacation to escape the pain of a murder in the family and returned to re-live the tragedy all over again.

Peace is difficult for Blake Glaab to find these days.

"We just want whoever did this," Glaab said. We just want justice and peace."

Six months after his stepfather, Steven Baldwin, was murdered in their Sellersburg home, 19-year-old Garreth Stephens and 18-year-old Jared Sowders walked out of the Clark County Jail free men. They had been held there without bond until earlier this week.

Glaab says, "We're very upset because we were in Gatlinburg when we found out about it."

Prosecutor Jeremy Mull explains, "This case was set to go to trial in six months.  If the bond hadn't been modified that would have happened, and all the evidence we had would not have been properly analyzed."

Glaab says, "They didn't have to shoot him.  They could have just left and he'd still be here. So I don't know what I would say to him."

Glaab is not only mourning the loss of his stepfather, but he says Sowders was once one of his best friends:  "He had been robbing houses and bragging about it. That's why the falling out happened because I didn't want to get involved."

Court records say the teens broke in and killed Steven Baldwin looking for money they thought Glaab had stolen from someone else.  Glaab says the hidden money was a rumor, and he has not been charged with any crime.

When asked whether he blamed himself for what happened, Glaab responded: "In a way I do, because I let them in. I trusted them as my friends and let them in my house. That gave them the opportunity to get the knowledge of when to come."

Both teens have pleaded not guilty, and their attorney, Perry McCall says there's no plans for a plea deal.

"At no point have we talked about a plea," McCall said. "They are not taking a deal."

Glaab says his mother is helping him reconcile his own grief.  Speaking of Baldwin, he says, "Him and my mom were best friends. A really good guy...We just want peace and justice.  And hopefully that will come January 14."

January 14 is the new murder trial date for Sowders and Stephens. Both remain on home incarceration and will be tried together.


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