Sen. Rand Paul says Donald Trump will win Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Donald Trump will win Kentucky.

U.S.  Senator Rand Paul made that prediction during an interview with WDRB News on Thursday about the possible Trump effect on his own re-election campaign.

The two often clashed during Rand Paul's run for the White House.

But Paul says when it comes down to Trump versus Clinton, there's no contest in Kentucky.

Paul toured a successful manufacturing plant in Jeffersontown on Thursday.

“I think it's a great story of a Louisville manufacturing company doing pretty well, and that we do have manufacturing in our country,” Paul said.

Paul is trying to manufacture a successful re-election campaign.

And despite past differences, he seems to have made peace with Trump leading the GOP ticket.

Their common ground is opposition to what they call federal over-regulation of business.

WDRB asked Paul whether Trump will be an asset or a liability to his campaign.

“I think that Trump's going to win Kentucky, and I think that we're going to win Kentucky because, really, I want to defend Kentucky against big government that's trying to take our jobs away. And I think most people in Kentucky want that,” Paul said.

Paul did not attend the GOP convention, deciding to campaign in Kentucky instead.

But he believes the party is unifying around Trump if, for no other reason, in opposition to Hillary Clinton.

“I think overall, we have to develop the contrast. Who's going to be better for manufacturing? Who's going to be better for Kentucky, someone for higher taxes and more regulations, or someone for lower taxes and lower regulation? So, I think it's clear,” Paul said.

Paul called Trump a "blowhard" during the primary campaign, but he isn't chastising the Republican nominee over recent controversial comments.

“Will people sometimes say things that are untoward or not what we wish them to say? Yes, that happens of every candidate," Paul said. "I always tell people the only perfect candidate is if you get to be the candidate or I get to be the candidate, then we agree with ourselves 100 percent of the time."

Paul says he will continue his efforts to bring minorities into the GOP tent. He says he can't control what Trump might say to make that job more difficult.

Paul faces Lexington Mayor Jim Gray in the fall.

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