Senior prank:  Listing offers Henry County High School at a bargain price

NEW CASTLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When students at Henry County High walk into school every day, they dream of that one big moment. 

No, not graduation. 

"They're worried about that senior prank," said senior class president, Jakob Beckley.

Henry County High School Principal, Shannon Sageser, heard about the Class of 2016's prank Wednesday.

"Well yesterday morning, I heard my secretary say -- 'Oh my goodness! Our school's for sale!' I said, 'What are you talking about?'" explained Sageser.  

It was a posting on Craigslist touting quite the steal. Henry County High School could be yours for $22,000 -- $21,000 if you were to act quick. The fully functional gyms, the auditorium -- even the freshman class -- was apparently part of the deal. 

"You can't help but pick on your freshman," Beckley joked.

After reading the post, potential buyers were making the phone ring off the hook. Word was getting around the lunchroom and hallways too.

"Everybody was running around saying, 'Have you heard? Have you heard? Was the principal mad?'"  Beckley said.

Actually, Sageser loved it.

"In this case, well done," he said. 

They nailed it. The rest of the staff agreed, except for the woman who has to answer the phones. 

"After the phone calls kept coming and coming and coming, and I was running from one phone to the other, I got kind of aggravated," school secretary, Carole Truman said with a smile.

It's a stellar, funny senior prank that makes 2016, "the class to remember," said Sageser.

Sageser told us he contacted Craigslist to take the ad down. 

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