Several women in Iroquois neighborhood concerned after seeing man in white jeep exposing himself

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - He pulls up in front of women and girls, then puts on a show they do not want to see. WDRB is investigating what they say is happening at bus stops and parking lots in south Louisville.

On April 27, while waiting at her kids' school bus stop in an Iroquois Park neighborhood, Cathy Tivener realized she and a 13-year-old girl were being watched.

"There was no shame in his game," Tivener said. "He made direct eye contact." 

She says the man was touching himself and did not stop. She started taking pictures of the white jeep she says the man was in, along with its license plate. Then, she called police.

"I have two little ones, so it just terrified me, so what if there's a day where a parent's not at the bus stop and he pulls up and kids are getting off the bus unsupervised?" Tivener questioned.

Tivener posted the pictures on social media to warn other parents. She says she quickly learned she was not the first person exposed to the disturbing show. She said she has received messages from at least seven women, claiming the same thing has happened to them.

"It is the same gentleman, same car, everything -- it's him," said Rachel, a woman who only wanted to be identified by her first name.  

Rachel says she warned people two years ago on social media about her encounter with the man in the white jeep in the Dixie Manor shopping center. She says she also called police.

"He approached me, said 'hi,' I just got an uneasy feeling from him, and he asked me if I was interested in soliciting for sex," Rachel said. "He was naked from the waist down, you could visibly tell what he was doing in the car."

Another woman, Chelsie Ortiz, says she was caught off guard a few months ago. while outside on break at the Iroquois Manor Shopping Center. She says she also called police.

"His windows are not tinted, he pulls right up on you, Ortiz said. "I shouldn't have to be scared to come to work everyday and have this man outside when I'm on break or even walking home."

Ortiz says she's especially concerned, because she has seen the man lurking in the ValuMarket parking lot, which is right next to an elementary school.

These women want the picture of the older model jeep, and the man's description out there. "He is an older man, his glasses are very thick, it's almost like when you look at an eye through a magnifying glass and they're bulged out. He has whitish gray hair, he was wearing a cap or a visor, he did have facial hair it was all gray," said Tivener.

Right now, police will only say they are looking into it. These women hope with their awareness, he is caught soon. "If I can get this guy put away or trouble for this stuff I'm more than willing to try," said Rachel

"If he can do it, he's gonna be out there doing it until he gets caught," said Tivener.

Tivener says at least seven women with similar stories have contacted her. If you ever encounter something like this, police say you should call 911 and file a police report.

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