Sixth grade Alabama girl dies after participating in tug-of-war at school

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A sixth grade Alabama girl has died after a tug-of-war game at her school.

Coaches and the school nurse began CPR on the 12-year-old when she collapsed. First responders took her to the hospital, where she died.

The mother of another student says she was concerned about the way hydration was handled during the school's field day. 

Amanda Garrett says her daughter told her "that they were only allowed to get water if they went to go to the restroom, otherwise they had to buy the water.  She said it was like a dollar or a $1.50 a bottle, and I don't feel like that was fair to the children."

One student says she heard the girl complain of a headache and dizziness before she collapsed.

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