Crestwood signs

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some residents of a Crestwood subdivision are upset over a lack of street signs that they said could lead to delay medical response times.

While there are some street signs in the Claymont Springs Condo development, some roads do not have them, and that could be an issue of life and death, according to some residents.

Richard Stock has lived in the neighborhood for 18 months. His wife has a severe heart condition, and if responders are ever called, they need to know where they are going as fast as possible.

“That could be quite dramatic if we don’t get the fire department or the rescue squads here on time to locate the residents,” Stock said. “It is a huge safety issue.”

Stock said most of the residents in the area are between 60 to 85 years old.

But it’s not just medical personnel that may be in this unintentional hide and seek. Stock said many people are not getting their deliveries, because the trucks can’t find them.

The development’s builder, Greg Spink, said he only recently heard of the street sign concerns and is working on getting them in.

South Oldham County Fire said they have a system called Active 911 that will guide them to a house, even without street sig, but there is never any time to spare.

“Seconds matter. I won’t deny that,” South Oldham Fire Assistant Chief Kevin Parker said. “They are very important, but seconds can be any number of things in a response there and, hopefully, turning down the wrong street is not one of those.”

Spink said he plans on getting the signs up in the next two months.

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