2 southern Indiana overdose victims saved by same conservation officer

SALEM, Ind. (WDRB) -- Among wildlife and in the of middle picturesque countryside is where you'd expect to find Indiana Conservation Officer Jim Schreck.

But, it's also an area that's growing in popularity for drug users. 

"Those are areas where criminals think may be good areas, that are secluded areas, where they can take part in this type of drug use," Schreck said.

His colleague has seen it up close. Conservation Officer Neal Brewington was the first to respond to an overdose in the southern part of Washington County on Monday.

"Immediately, our officer as well as two sheriff's deputies deployed their Narcan," Schreck said.

One victim was on the brink, and then it was determined his brother was overdosing too.

EMS saved one of them, Brewington saved the other. His work, though, wasn't done. 

Less than 72 hours later, on Thursday and Bullington Road, there was another overdose.

"An individual was passed out and was halfway out of the vehicle and in the roadway," Schreck said.

More Narcan was used, and another life was saved.

If both incidents happened just a couple of weeks earlier, Officer Brewington wouldn't have been able to do much of anything. 

"Less than a month ago, our officers weren't trained on this," Schreck said. "We weren't expecting to use it within a month. We hoped we never had to use it."

It's a sign of the times and an indication that when you wear a badge in southern Indiana, you always have to be ready to jump into the fight against heroin.

"It's nothing short of an epidemic," Schreck said.

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