Study lists 5 options for future of LMPD headquarters and Fiscal Court building

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A study aimed at providing guidance to city leaders on what to do with Louisville’s police headquarters was released Monday.

The study from EOP Architects outlines five different options for LMPD headquarters and the Fiscal Court building. which both sit near the intersection of Seventh and Jefferson Streets.

For years, the building that has acted as LMPD headquarters has been in disrepair. Most of the police department has moved out. The only remaining units are the chief of police and his staff as well as the public information office.

“It doesn't make sense to put more money into renovations of LMPD or the fiscal court building,” Metro Councilman (D-9) Bill Hollander said.

The full study lists five options for the busy city corner

  • Option 1: Complete deferred maintenance on the buildings. “Life safety” issues would be first addressed
  • Option 2: Renovate Fiscal Court and LMPD headquarters. This would involve stripping down most of the core of the buildings and rebuilding with only the basic original frame remaining.
  • Option 3: Build new 115,690-square-foot government office space that would sit where the current LMPD headquarters stands
  • Option 4: Build new 227,000-square-foot government office space where parking lot on Market Street current sits. This space would include a parking deck and retail space on first floor,
  • Option 5: Build 227,000-square-foot office space similar to option 4 but add 12-story residential tower.

“One of the things I'd like to look at is what is the demand for office building space or for residential space,” Hollander said. “It might help us recoup some of the cost of building it. but I don't know about the demand for all of those.”

According to the study, building options four or five would cost as much as $75 million, not including demolition costs.

“These buildings aren't going to get better on their own, and I think this is something we should be tackling,” Hollander said.

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