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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Surveillance video from Hotel Louisville shows Kentucky State Police troopers firing at a wanted man in the middle of downtown Louisville during rush hour last week.

Thomas Trummer was wanted for allegedly dragging a trooper just two days before being confronted by police on June 13. Video shows what led to the shooting.

"We're just very blessed no lives were lost in that," said Nina Moseley, COO of Wayside Christian Mission, which runs the Hotel Louisville where the shooting happened.

Trummer was wanted for dragging a KSP officer two days earlier. Twenty-four minutes after Trummer arrived at Hotel Louisville, surveillance shows an unmarked police car pull up behind him. Two officers get out of the car with their weapons drawn. That's when Trummer can be seen backing into the police car, then puling forward and hitting a white SUV parked in front of him. As he pulls away, one of the officers shoots at the car several times. KSP said one of those bullets hit Trummer's car, but no one was injured.

"We had a parenting class kicking off," Moseley said. "There were people checking in to the hotel, and it was just a lot of business in and out. And we were very disturbed by the shots that were taken in a busy parking lot like that."

Another angle shows the moment when Trummer barrels through the fence, speeding through the busy intersection of Broadway and Second Street. Police say Trummer sped through downtown Louisville. After two hours of searching, police eventually caught up with him at Lannan Memorial Park, where he was arrested.

As far as the damage at Hotel Louisville, Moseley hopes they can get some help to pay for it.

"We hope that we can file some charges for the property damage and perhaps get some restitution," she said. "So hopefully we can recoup some of that and put our property back together."

Trummer already faces more than two dozen charges.

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