Suspects in alleged drug ring could be released from jail soon

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Three men indicted last week in an alleged drug ring could be released from jail soon.

Ronnie Shewmaker, along with Eddie Whitfill and James Howard, pleaded not guilty in federal court on Tuesday.

They're charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to conduct financial transactions knowing the funds were for illegal activity.

The judge agreed to release each of them on a $25,000 unsecured bond until their trial in August. An unsecured bond means they can be released from jail without paying money, but the judge says if they violate their conditions, they'll have to pay $25,000. Among other restrictions, they are to have no contact with each other. They are to possess no firearms. They are to restrict their travel to the Western District of Kentucky. They must also surrender any and all passports.

Frank Mascagni who represents Shewmaker says he's expecting Shewmaker and others to be released from jail by Tuesday evening. Mascagni says Shewmaker has no prior criminal record.

Investigators say a fourth man, Chris Mattingly, a former special deputy with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Department, is the ringleader with ties to a Mexican drug cartel.


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