Tall grass at Tyler Park threatens field day for Louisville students

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When you've been cooped up in a classroom all winter, and the school year is almost done, you've got to blow off some steam.

Field Day for one class at Highland Middle and all of Bloom Elementary Schools usually takes care of that. When students, parents,and teachers got to Tyler Park on Monday morning, though, there was a big problem: tall grass.

"It's high and it's making my legs itchy," eighth grader Trinity Cleaver said.

Weeding through the grass to take part in the activities, wasn't an option. Bloom Elementary P.E. teacher Darrell Mason came up with a solution.

"All hands on deck," he said. "One of my co-teachers, she went to her house and got her mower. When the parents showed up, they said, 'Do you need a mower?' (I said) 'Yes go get one.'"

It got the job done. Still, many want to know why the grass is out of control.

"This park needs to be maintained," aid Amy Straub, a teacher at Highland Middle School. "We pay the property taxes, and kids deserve to have a safe place to go."

Louisville Metro Parks said its aware of the problem. Mowing is supposed to happen every 14 days, but crews are behind schedule by up to a week.

"The winter flooding and rains during Derby week set us back a bit and has contributed to things growing very quickly," Parks and Recreation Public Information Supervisor Jon Reiter said in a statement. "Our maintenance staff is charged with cutting the grass but they also are busy this time of year repairing playground equipment, emptying trash receptacles, providing maintenance in our facilities, cleaning restrooms and other tasks. They're working as vigorously as they can to keep up."

Weather permitting, Tyler Park is scheduled to be mowed Tuesday or Wednesday.

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